Printable Activity Pack!

We are so excited to introduce the new printable activity pack that you can easily download and print without leaving the comfort of your home.
This is a project me and Poornima have been working for some time and hope your kids will enjoy this new product as much as we enjoyed creating it.
As always, our products are created for kids between the ages 3 to 5, but this activity pack can be enjoyed by slightly older kids as well. 
Our worksheets are designed to provide your kids a fun and exciting learning experience. We have included writing, math, number play, color pages and more.

Our first activity pack consists the following worksheets and we will be uploading more packs on a weekly basis.

  • Letters A to C            – Writing worksheets with coloring activities.
  • Sinhala Letters         – Writing worksheets with coloring activities.
  • Number Tracing 1-5 – Fun worksheet to review numbers.
  • Count & Color          – Counting and coloring activity.
  • Match 1 to 5            – Count, write and match numbers.
  • Color By Shape         – Fun coloring activity Identifying shapes and colors.
  • Big & Small               – Learn big & small with colorful pictures.
  • What comes next     – A simple pattern activity.
  • Short & Tall              – Learn short and tall with colorful picture activity.
  • Color page
  • I spy                           – Shapes activity.

We are glad that you chose to download our printable pack and we are here if you would like to ask any questions. You can email us at [email protected] or send us a message on Facebook here.

View our printable packs

Some sample pages from our latest printable pack.