Craftobox Versions

With the introduction of our July craftObox, we are splitting up our craft pack to 2 versions.

We always love to listen to our little customers and their moms and dads for constructive feedback. We’ve had a lot of parents and kiddos enjoying the crafts we include in our CraftObox (checkout what our customers say about our crafts here). But one of the feature requests we received from our parents was to introduce a slightly more challenging experience for their little ones. 

We understand each child is different so both me and Poornima have something excited to introduce today. Going forward, we will provide 2 versions of our famous CraftObox for you to select. 

So what are these 2 versions and what's the difference?

Semi Pre-assembled Version

In this version, all crafts will be pre-assembled to an extent. You will have the booklet with instructions and images to follow. As an example, in June CraftObox, we had ‘Crazy Robot’ craft and the robot’s body (a cardboard cylinder) was already glued and included in to the pack; letting your child to complete the craft by gluing in all the plush sticks and the googly eyes.

If you select this version, your child will have a slightly easier experience to complete each craft. But, the experience will still be fun, creative and support their developmental areas. 

Suggested age 3 to 5 years.

Creator Version

Creator version provides your child more freedom and space in creating the final craft.  We provide the materials as is and no assembly will be done. The standard booklet with instructions and images will follow the CraftObox, but your child can let their creativity navigate through the experience.

There will be no changes in the crafts we provide as we select them looking at a specific developmental area(s) each month.

Suggested age 4 to 5 years.